Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Daily@TILT

If you want to bike like Lance Armstrong, or score like Sydney Crosby, or paint like Vincent Van Gogh, or write like Margaret Atwood, you’d probably do a lot of training, and practice over and over, right? Yet, most of us who want to live like Jesus Christ of Nazareth do none of the things he practiced in his life, or any of the things any great leaders of “the Way” have practiced over the last 2000 years. In his letter to Timothy, Paul writes, “train yourself to be godly”. Enter “The Daily”-that is, the daily existence in which we find ourselves, intentionally molding ourselves to be like Jesus. We affirm fully it is God alone who brings us into his Kingdom and transforms us, but inherent in our faith is action and activity in response to God’s saving work. These activities have no value in themselves, but rather, as Dallas Willard writes, “it is the effective and full enjoyment of active love of God and humankind in all the daily rounds of normal existence where we are placed” (The Spirit of the Disciplines, 138). Our conscious will must be trained in the ways of God, which goes against our culture’s tendency to “do whatever feels good”. Yet, as followers of Jesus, we know the disciplines we undertake in response to God’s love in our lives do nothing except bring us into greater cooperation with what God is doing in our lives, and our communities.

This section of the website will include those practices which we incorporate into our TILT worship gathering as an aid to incorporating them into daily life outside of the weekly gathering. It will also provide links to other resources, and activities we can pursue as a community.

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